Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Revlon Moon Candy Orbit

I saw several of the Revlon Moon Candy nail polish duos at Fred Meyer and WalMart and could not resist!  As a big fan of purple, I of course went with Orbit, which has a very dark reddish purple creme base with a gorgeous, iridescent lavender flakie polish for on top.  The two polishes come in a long, skinny, double ended bottle and you're supposed to apply the flakie over the creme. 

The purple creme was pretty impressive.  It was opaque after one coat!  I  used two coats just because, but it basically stilled look the same.  I was a little concerned about the flakie because I'd never used one before, but thankfully I did not have any issues with its application.  For the most part I brushed it on, with a bit of dabbing mixed in, and got good coverage that way.  Had a toothpick on hand to nudge individual flakies into place, but I didn't have to do it much and it was a cinch for a beginner like me.  Even after a layer of top coat (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri) the surface of my nails was a bit rough.  I thought this might bug the bejeezus out of me, but it was actually fine.  The polish held up nicely for a solid 4 or 5 days and was kind of a pain to remove (next time I will use the tin foil method!), but there was no staining from the purple polish, which might be because I used Seche Clear for a base coat.

Application and longevity aside, I really liked how Orbit looked.  Wouldn't have minded if the purple creme was a tiny bit lighter, but I loved the overall effect and those flakies!  Beautiful!  I work with special needs kids and most of them noticed my nails.  One little boy in particular is crazy about purple and he actually squealed with delight when he saw them.  My mom also liked the look enough to go out and buy her own bottle so she can do her toe nails.

This polish combo is definitely a winner in my book and I will probably pick up Supernova and Moon Dust, both to use layered like you're supposed to and to mix and match with other polishes.

Please pardon the slight messiness, the dark purple polish was hard for me to clean up with a Q-tip and a bottle of nail polish remover!  Also, it looked decidedly more purple/less blue in real life.

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