Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blanc and Wish You Were Here

I've learned about a few different nail polish brands from lurking about on other blogs.  Why is it so fun to look at other people's nails and read about polishes?!  If not for all the polish blogs out there with their creativity and showcasing of different polishes, I would find all this nail painting business much less interesting!  Anyway, through nail polish blogs, I've heard about Essie and of course indie polishes such as Different Dimension. 

So far, my only Essie polish is Blanc, a stark white creme.  Not super exciting, but I think I'll use it a lot for assorted manicures.  If I recall correctly, I had to apply 3 coats.  It was still a teensy bit streaky after the 3 coats and didn't level super nicely, but it was okay.  Wouldn't want to use it all on its own, but it worked just fine under the fabulous Different Dimension polish and I think provided a great contrast!

I ordered two Different Dimension polishes and picked Wish You Were Here specifically because my husband really liked it (he even said I could paint his toe nails with it!).  It turned out to be wonderful.  It has great big round magenta, teal, and silver glitter, medium pink (not the same shade as the big ones), teal, and silver circles, even smaller circles of the same colors, plus some squares and hexes and really tiny glitter.  Awesome!  I was nervous about how easily it would go on because of the big glitter, but it was great.  There were ZERO problems fishing out the jumbo glitter and it all brushed on nicely.  I kept a toothpick nearby to help steer the jumbo glitters to the right places, but other than that, let it go where it wanted.  Used one coat and didn't have any coverage problems.  The surface of my nails was a bit rough from the glitter after a layer of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat, but not bad and my nails stayed looking nice for 4 days.  Overall, I really liked this polish, especially over white!  Can't wait to use it again and I will not shy away from buying other Different Dimension polishes with super big glitter- I'm looking at you, Orion Nebula!


Pardon the not so awesome clean up, again- hard to do with Q-tips and nail polish remover!

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